Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/8/13 Just a light hike for the morning….

White Cross in Urubamba, Peru
Well, the day started with a simple stroll to a cross on a hill in Urubamba…okay try again…today started with a full on uphill hike cutting across a boat load of switchbacks to the top of a freakin’ mountain. Oh yeah, I am definitely out of shape, but once I got over the “I’m going to throw up” and “I am going to tumble down this mountain” phase it was quite a lovely view of the sacred valley; a view that my photos just don’t do justice. It is just breathtaking on the top of this peak and not just because of the altitude, but also because of the view. A view just full of a cascade of peaks and valleys, bright blue skies and what look like the smallest specs of human civilization below us. Well, worth the “I’m going to die trying to follow all my fellow youngsters” who are all in quite good shape by the way. After enjoying some photo op’s and good stories we headed down at the speed of a light jog (I do believe that I prayed to about 5 various deities to make sure I was fully covered on the venture down) as we decided to head to the city; Cusco that is! Six soles and we were on a combi headed to Cusco. It was a quick trip, but we splurged on some “American” food, such as burgers, fries, sandwiches and Starbucks. Yes, I know when abroad eat as the locals do and so far we have… soup and pan (bread) for breakfast; chicken, rice, papas, pan and queso for lunch; and soup, pan and rice of some sort for dinner…needless to say I needed a burger and I’ll return to my Peruvian diet at dinner. Cusco is a little more fast paced and everyone, and I mean everyone, is trying to sell you something, but there is a spirit there that is unlike no other and though we were only there briefly, our stroll through the Plaza de Armas was memorable. But, back to Urubamba we go with more time for Cusco in the future. On return, a little dinner with the family, a little stroll around town with friends and off the bed I go…another day of hiking ruins at Pisac and Ollaytaytambo in the morning. To be continued…

Peru Tidbit: Dress in lots of light layers that you can add or peel off as needed. Even though it is cool in the mornings and evenings, it can get quite warm in day. So, throw your light jackets in your back-pack during your mid-day journey, but expect to bundle back up toward the evening or during random storms and cloud coverage.

View from the peak of Urubamba, Peru
Plaza de Armas Cusco, Peru

Yeah I did the tourist thing in Cusco

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