Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/5/13 Market day…

            Well, I am on day five of my Peruvian adventure and an adventure it has been. I am starting to semi-know where I am, but my Spanish is still a bit rough. I left my Peruvian home to walk to the ProPeru office this morning for work and realized that I was standing in a huge market….Wednesday is market day in Urubamba and I had no idea. The sights, the smells, the color, the life…it was beyond amazing to find myself standing in such an unfamiliar setting. There were vegetables and fruits that I have only seen on the travel channel and a huge community affair with an intense hustle and bustle that I could’ve never imagined on my own devices. I woke up a little defeated, a little lost in language, life and South America, but the market brought some much needed positive energy in me and got me out of my “out of element” funk. This is part of the reason I left my home…to find something different than what I know…to learn something no text book or national geographic episode can teach me…to learn to be quiet and be teachable even if I feel incredibly uncomfortable with my deficiencies in language and international travel experiences. Along with having a better understanding of global health, I hope this immersion helps me to grow into a more patient, well-rounded, compassionate and open-minded woman in today’s go go go society.

Peru Tidbit: Cuey is the Peruvian name for guinea pig; just a little FYI for all of you that are curious about what you are ordering at the local restaurant. Also, it is polite to greet everyone in a room when you initially walk into a room in a Peruvian home.

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